Aadhaar Card Download,Correction,Update

In this Page you will find Link for Query Related To Aadhar Card Update,Download and Correction. Government Of India Launch The Aadhaar Card Scheme on 28/01/2009

How To Enroll for Aadhaar Card

To Enroll for the aadhaar Card you need to visit to your nearest Enrollment Centre after then
You will be asked to do finger print, Iris and Documentation to get enrolled. Then after
around 15-20 Days you can Download Your aadhaar Card  From the receving that you get
in Enrollment Centre.

To Locate Enrollment Centre Near You                    Click Here

How To Download E Aadhaar Card Online

To Download your aadhaar card online you will be required to enter basic details from the 
 Receipt  that you were given while enrolling for it. After entering that data you will receive 
 An  OTP   on the Mobile Number which You have given while enrolling for it.

To Download  E Aadhaar Card Online                       Click Here

How To Apply For Aadhaar Card Correction

If you find anything Wrong in your aadhaar card, you will need to submit the Correction form
after filling it with the changes that you wanted on it. After filling it you will send that form
with the supporting Document For the changes that you want on Your Aadhaar card.

To Apply For Online Correction                                 Click Here

To Go To Official Website                                           Click Here